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a personal journey into dreams and fantasies, pharma and medication


Is there anything in your body that isn’t functioning properly? Do you have a health condition? Does anyone in your family suffer from anything that you wish could be cured? Whether the subject of illness or well-being is one of your concerns, the rubberbodies’ collective new production The Pill shall give you a new poetic perspective on the issue.


The Pill explores the role of medicine and illness in the lives of people. This is a solo act by one of the collective’s members - Ira Melkonyan, who researched, wrote and will also be performing. Through contemporary theatre, movement, play with objects and popularised scientific presentation the story will unfold  an amalgam of autobiographical narratives, fantasies, and associations, all exploring a surreal desire for an instant cure to all possible illnesses.


The Pill is the collective’s second collaboration with dramaturg Katarina Pejovic together with new collaborators Lazlo Upor (creative writing) and Sandra Banthorpe (art director). Sound design is in the hands of Mario Sammut of Cygna. The solo is being directed by Jimmy Grima.


Production Credits


researched, written

and performed by

ira melkonyan



katarina pejovic


creative writer

lazslo upor


art director

sandra banthorpe


construction manager

matthew micallef


sound design

mario sammut



jimmy grima


lights & sound

transient lights


light design

jimmy grima



jimmy grima



the rubberbodies collective


funded by

malta arts fund


supported by

the school of performing arts & the theatre studies department of the university of malta

science in the city festival



Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta  / 21 March 2014

Aritcles & Reviews


“The Pill was an abounding piece, with several themes existing alongside the principle storyline. It provided great insight into contemporary desires through an inward-looking analysis into society’s religious veneration of medicinal products, and our reliance on substances for physical, and, by implication, spiritual welfare. Melkonyan portrayed illnesses and cures as a form of collective memory, defining how we relate to the world, in both the private and public sphere.”


A Cure for The System- Nikki Petroni- Patron Magazine- April 10th 2014


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