June 2018,
Das Theatre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Theatre, 50 min

Upstairs Geology VII


“Making art is an attempt to understand the world. 
Understanding is an insatiable longing for the spiritual; 
an aesthetic acceptance of the beautiful on an emotional 
or even supra-emotional level.”
Andrey Tarkovsky “Sculpting in Time”
My reclaimed word for the 21st century is Liquid- 
specifically starting from thinking about my own life 
and attitude to fixity, and developing an ongoing 
artistic research around fluid substances- 
with thickened and coloured water, with gravity, 
ropes, pumps, sunlight, snow, rain and sometimes people.
My second reclaimed word for the current times is Angel-
specifically in relation to constant movement and change 
inherent in life. Michel Serres’s understanding of angels 
as messengers had a profound effect on this work. 
The performance is a result of me putting these two, 
at first sight, unconnected categories of knowledge 
together and insisting on their resonance.

by Ira Melkonyan and Jimmy Grima with Zsofie Paczolay Dominykas Savickas Maria Mavridou Magda Ptasznik Alondra Castellanos Arreola Irene Sorozabal Moreno Maria Rößler Thanks to Rebecca Camilleri Marina Provenzzano Sean Decelis Erin Hill Catarina Vieira Clement Brochard Joachim Robbrecht Tchelet Weisstub Created as part of DAS Theatre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands