An excerpt from the logbook for “Kerogen Voices”

“This work has its prehistory on the island of Malta, specifically at noon in summer where the sun is high and abundant. Although the sun remains the largest source of energy, Malta has no solar power plants. Liquefied gas is imported in order to keep up with the radical increase in the consumption of energy. Once Malta was a rural “paradise” island; today, it is a rapidly growing city-state with a consequent increase in energy needs. It is this liquefied gas (from Shell in the Netherlands) which landed me in Groningen’s “man-made earthquakes’ and ramified into an expanded geography of induced seismicity and catastrophes all around the world.  The more I read and collected statistics, articles and papers and the more information I archived, the more I became drawn by the darkness of these present times where humans are responsible for creating earthquakes.”

by Jimmy Grima, September 2019