OCTOBER 30,  Nassaba Song of a Bird at European Theatre Convention, Valletta, MT

AUGUST 26,27,28, Nassaba Song of a Bird at Theater Spektakel. Zurich, CH

AUGUST 17,18,19, Nassaba Song of a Bird at  Boulevard Theatre Festival, den Bosh, NL

FEBRUARY 25, Kerogen Voices broadcast on www.kerogenvoices.club for Debatable Land(s), Vienna, AT

OCTOBER 28, “Kerogen Voices: Human-Made Earthquakes”, Multimedia Installation for Debatable Land(s), at Exnesegasse, Vienna, AT

JULY 10, Kerogen Voices broadcast on www.kerogenvoices.club for DasTheatre, Amstedam NL

AUGUST 31, Ira Melkonyan and the rubberbodies collective are Winners of the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize, Zurich, CH

AUGUST 22,  Upstairs Geology 50/50 at Zürcher Theatrespektakel, Zurich, CH

JUNE 23, Blurry Memories, Corridor Conversations And Boxed Obsolete Media: A Research Space at DAS Theatre, Amsterdam, NL

JANUARY 24, 25  and 26 October 2017, Song Of A Bird: The Choir at  COMETOGETHER 4. Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam, NL

OCTOBER  18  – Nassaba: Song Of A Bird at  Buskett MT, Palazzo Verdala

OCTOBER 17  – Nassaba: Song Of A Bird at  Senglea MT, Senglea Homing Club

OCTOBER 16  – Nassaba: Song Of A Bird at  Mqabba MT, Soċjetà Santa Marija u Banda Re Ġorġ V

OCTOBER 14  – Nassaba: Song Of A Bird at  Xagħra Gozo MT, Cirklu taż-Żgħażagħ

OCTOBER 13 – Nassaba: Song Of A Bird at  Mellieħa MT, La Vittoria Band Club

OCTOBER 12 – Nassaba: Song Of A Bird at Floriana MT, Scouts Headquarters

JUNE 22, 2018 – Upstairs Geology VII  at Das Theatre, Amsterdam, NL

MARCH 22 – Upstairs Geology VI,  at  Festival Cement, ‘S-Hertogenbosch, NL

Upstairs Geology-II in an unconverted construction site in Strait Street, Valletta, MT
Upstairs Geology I, Performance Installation, 20 min. June 2017, Amsterdam, the NL
A performance installation to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Malta’s national poet Dun Karm Psaila, Splendid, Valletta, MT


March 2013, L-Iblah (10min:digital) short film

NOVEMBER 22,23,24,25 Mrs. Stork and the Mysterious Egg, at St James Cavallier for Ziguzajg, Children’s Arts Festival, Valletta MT

NOVEMBER 19, 20  Mrs. Stork and the Mysterious Egg,  at Dr.Anton Buttigieg, Qala Primary School Hall, Gozo MT   

SEPTEMBER 26 and 28  -hex: inverting geometry, a digital performance installation as part of the Science in the City Festival, Valletta MT

JULY 12, 13, 14 Old Salt, a Malta Arts Festival commission, il-Birgu MT

March 23, Oracle, a seminal silent concert in the prehistoric Ħaġar Qim Temples, Qrendi MT. echoes of the oracle: Writings on the Temples and the Sound publication  

MARCH 2,3 4, 9, 10, 11 Penelope: Dust in our awakened dreams, a performance in collaboration with dance artist Athanasia Kanellopoulou, MITP. Valletta MT. Woven threads: Recounting the creative process of Penelope: Dust in our awakened dreams publication.






FEBRUARY Rytmii Vitae, a performance installation at Malta’s National Museum of Fine Arts based on the context which inspired artist Antonio Sciortino.

APRIL, EUR-908 (6.52 min: digital, site specific dance film

JUNE, 100 (46:39min: 2010); documentation performance film

JULY 1, 2,3, 8,9,10  White Sea at St. James Cavalier; a fifty-minute visual-theatre performance

September 9,10,11 Lore of the Sea, a project merging history and art through a tour and performance in the Malta Maritime Museum. Commissioned by the Malta Maritime Museum, The Liquid Shark Tooth is a video installation based on sailor’s superstitions

November 12, DUNKARM, a performance installation marking the 50th anniversary of Dun Karm, in Splendid House, Valletta 

rubberbodies: a trajectory of an artist collective in Malta. (publication)

NOVEMBER 19,20,21, 27  100 : AVE | EVA | SUMMER | WINTER at Dock 1 (Tarzna) ; a fifty-minute visual theatre performance

FEBRUARY A Revisitation of Grace u Rofflu, an adaption of the performance ‘Grace u Rofflu’ for the launch of the Draft of the National Cultural Policy

  • SEPTEMBER 18,19 premier of Grace U Rofflu  at MITP theatre; a fifty-minute visual dance performance