Committed to being an evolving cast of contributors, artist duo Ira Melkonyan and Jimmy Grima install temporary collaborative structures to create and foster performative situations on the Island of Malta, the Netherlands, and elsewhere. RUBBERBODIES began as a reason to come together and developed as a theatre and art group. Initiated by Rebecca Camilleri and Jimmy Grima, on the island of Malta, in 2009

Ira Melkonyan

Vision and Poetics aka Artistic Director

Jimmy Grima

Organiser and Motivator aka Creative Producer

Stephanie Bonnici

Logistics and Papers aka Productions Manager

* * *



We are often asked: “Who are the people forming the rubberbodies collective?”


In the spirit of questioning our own identity and in search of answers,

Ira initiated short interviews with our past-present-and-future collaborators.
To practically narrate – WHO WE ARE: