MITP Theatre, Valletta. 18-19th September 2009 Duration: 50 minutes 

The performance, Grace and Rofflu, supposes a seemingly typical relationship between two Mediterraneans that flies from the epitome of love to the nightmare of domestic abuse. The two characters perform poetic sequences of movements, merging dance techniques with physical theatre. In contrast with the serious message of the work is the facade of the set and props suggesting that serious matters can be masked by whimsical appearances; a flying dome-shaped skirt, a travelling rusty wheeled-bath, a lengthened-top hat, three servings of melon and a plastic flower. 

The audience is privileged voyeurs witnessing one woman’s delicate individual feelings clash against one male’s aggressive expression. 

photo-Darrin Zammit Lupi
Jimmy Grima 
Rebecca Camilleri 
Jimmy Grima 
Visual Artist and Costume Designer 
Matthew Pandolfino 
Philip Zammit (Guitar/Cello) 
Light Design 
Chris Gatt 
Malta Council for Culture and the Arts 

“Grace u Rofflu was really one of those rare performances which cannot be expressed or properly described in words, because no amount of black on white can do justice to such a poetic piece of choreography. They truly managed to create magic by portraying the everyday and the mundane aspects of life.”

Performance Art, The Times Weekender, Saturday 26th September 2009