Year 2013 short film 
duration: 10 minutes 

One fine day, a cyclist, the Fool, is jogging on a beach when a weary voice in the air attracts his attention. He spots a beautiful blind woman, the Silent Blue Lady, accompanied by her guard dog, Saida. An instant attraction between the two slowly turns into an obsession after a strange encounter in the alley in which the woman lives. The cyclist goes as far as to create a special gift to declare his love to the woman. He sits by her door for hours, waiting for her to sing, and longing to enter the house. One day, as he is cycling by, he notices the guard dog is right outside, in the alley. He stops, but the door opens and the dog goes in. The cyclist follows the dog inside the house… where his love becomes his peril. 

A film by Jimmy Grima
Director of Photogprahy Mark Dingli
The Fool  Kevin Attard 
The Silent Blue Lady  Madeleine Baldacchino 
The Guard Dog  Saida 
Dog Trainer  Carmen Sayago Nieto 
The Sisters  Rebecca Camilleri Katryna Storace Stephanie Sant Kristen Buhagiar Elaine Saliba Sarah Farrugia 
Production Sound Mario Sammut
Costume Designer Geneva Corlett 
On Set Costumes Aidan Corlett 
Track 1 Vals Ta’ L-Imħabba C.Satariano - V.Ciappara ©Filfa Records 
Track 2 Imħabba Fuk Il-Baħar Giuseppe Cefai ©Filfa Records