Commission of The Malta Maritme Museum.

This video installation was created as part of Birgufest 2011, in the Malta Maritime Museum’s Adrian Hall. The video recounts a story based on superstition of Maltese sailors: a famous remedy to protect sailors from drowning was to crush and ingest a shark tooth fossil, believed to be serpent tongues turned to stone by St Paul. The superstition claims that St Paul, who was shipwrecked in Malta, has preserved the snake’s poison in these tongue-shaped fossils. 

photos Rubberbodies

Duration: 3 min 
Performer Rebecca Camilleri 
Narrator Jimmy Grima 
Sound Designer & Composer Mario Sammut 
Visual Artist and Costume Designer Matthew Pandolfino 
Filming, Editing & Graphics Jimmy Grima 
Director Jimmy Grima 
Collaborator Liam Gauci