The 1-hour interactive tour around the theatre brought 300 students to experience theatre from  different angles.

Through small groups, the participants were introduced to a participatory game which led them to explore poster design. They then moved on to explore the hair and make-up, costume and props and set departments by physically travelling around the building and stepping into made-up sets, with fictional characters meeting and conversing with participants while introducing them to the basic concept of design in each department.

The participants then collectively experienced improvisation and basic acting exercises. Along the way, they were asked to draw and while the workshop was ongoing, a collage of their drawings was secretly being collaged in the control room by a graphic artist.

At the end of the workshop, the collage comprising of all their drawings was projected on stage and participants had the opportunity to climb in the control room and understand how sound, light and special effects are triggered and mastered during the performance.

Workshop Leader
Jimmy Grima

Workshop Assistants & Performers
Ruth Borg
Mariele Zammit
Martina Buhagiar
Julia Camilleri

in Collaboration with
Teatru Salesjan Sliema