March 2018, Festival Cement, ‘S-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Performance Installation, 20 min

An installation on Angels and Liquids, 
how these two universes collide, 
and our attempt to control the mess 
they make when put together.
Loosely inspired by a book of 
Michel Serres “Angels: a Modern Myth”, 
and physical qualities of fluid materials 
to leak, drip, change, disobey, make a mess, 
and inspire thoughts on harmony in an upside-down way.
Upstairs Geology VII by Ira Mlekonyan ©WilliamvanderVoort

Credits: Concept& Design: Ira Melkonyan and Jimmy Grima Technical& Architectural collaboration: Zsofie Paczolay, Dominykas Savickas Set-up Assistance: Erin Hill Performers: Ruth Borg, Thijs Bouwman, Jimmy Grima Voiceover: Cheyenne X-yn Light& Sound design: Jimmy Grima in cooperation with: DAS Theatre