March 2018, Festival Cement, ‘S-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Performance Installation, 20 min

Upstairs Geology  VII by Ira Mlekonyan ©WilliamvanderVoort
Photos: William van der Voort
An installation on Angels and Liquids, 
how these two universes collide, 
and our attempt to control the mess 
they make when put together.
Loosely inspired by a book of 
Michel Serres “Angels: a Modern Myth”, 
and physical qualities of fluid materials 
to leak, drip, change, disobey, make a mess, 
and inspire thoughts on harmony in an upside-down way.

Concept& Design: Ira Melkonyan and Jimmy Grima
Technical& Architectural collaboration: Zsofie Paczolay, Dominykas Savickas
Set-up Assistance: Erin Hill
Performers: Ruth Borg, Thijs Bouwman, Jimmy Grima
Voiceover: Cheyenne X-yn
Light& Sound design: Jimmy Grima
in cooperation with: DAS Theatre