Woven Threads Recounting the creative process of Penelope: Dust in our awakened dreams

An intimate book recounting the conflict, desire, emotion, forgotten thoughts, secrets and transformations that took place between Athanasia Kanellopoulou and the rubberbodies collective during the creation of the solo performance Penelope: Dust in our awakened dreams. This publication analyses the collaborative process and the events that characterised it. 

Preparations began early December 2011 for Penelope: Dust in our awakened dreams, though the most intense period, the real build-up, took place over the following three months in Malta. The book presents largely excerpts, the most revealing pieces of text coming from notes.

Author Rebecca Camilleri 
Author (Maltese) Simon Sultana Harkins 
Editor Anthony Askew 
Illustrator Rebecca Camilleri 
Graphic Design tinyislandstudio.com