Malta Maritime Museum. 9-10-11 September 2011. Duration: durational piece

‘Lore of the Sea’ is a stylised abstract theatre-cum-mime performance created in collaboration with Heritage Malta at the Maritime Museum. A project merging art, history, and site together to create novel new experiences with each. 

Lore of the Sea is a two-part event, encompassing an exclusive tour and the dramatised performance itself, that is orientated around 5 artefacts from the Museum’s reserve collection. The performance takes the artefacts from the reserve collection and places them inside of its narratives; narratives that have been devised and scripted from facts and recounts of stories salvaged by the curator of the Malta Maritime Museum. 

photos Darrin Zammit Lupi

“Completely textless but highly scripted, with the highly creative and effective lighting that was crucial to its success, the performance piece was a pleasure to watch because it hybridised several forms of artistic output in a very effective manner.” 

A Night at the Museum, The Times, Wednesday Septermber 14, 2011
Jimmy Grima 

Ira Melkonyan 
Rebecca Camilleri 

Sound Designer & Composer 
Mario Sammut 

Visual Artist and Costume Designer 
Matthew Pandolfino 

Research with 
Liam Gauci  & Manwel Magro Conti 

Collaboratively Produced by
Malta Maritime Museum 

Hosted by 
Heritage Malta 

Supported by 
Studio Seven 
Malta Arts Fund