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Interview 1 – January 2020 Hello Ira, Here are the answers and a picture. Let me know if you want longer answers/more info, etc.    Where are you now? San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico  What is your current art practice? I am mostly working on a tree-to-bar chocolate

??‍? – ZSOFIA PACZOLAY – ??‍?

INTERVIEW 3 – MARCH 2020 dear Ira, I am sorry for not sending you any answer yet, I got out of time these days.I just remembered the interview so here are my answers:)How are you doing these crazy days? I am sending you lots of love from Lisbon.Kisses,Zsófi 1 Where are

??‍? RUTH BORG ??‍?

INTERVIEW 2 FEBRUARY 2020 1.     Where are you now? Awake in my room at 2:17am in Amsterdam East. I fly to Malta tomorrow.  2.     What is your current art practice? I am now in the 3rd year mime where my practice is a shape-shifting one between maker and

Nassaba: Song of a Bird

In Nassaba: Song of A Bird, Jimmy Grima follows his father with a camera to the fields on the Maltese rocky coasts, where until recently he went to catch migratory birds.

Upstairs Geology VII

My reclaimed word for the 21st century is Liquid- specifically starting from thinking about my own life and attitude to fixity.

Upstairs Geology VI

An installation on Angels and Liquids, how these two universes collide, and our attempt to control the mess they make when put together.

Upstairs Geology II

During the week leading to the 7th October 2017, we adapted Upstairs Geology-I to an unconverted construction site in Strait Street, Valletta, Malta.

Upstairs Geology I

Upstairs Geology I, Performance Installation, 20 min. June 2017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands,

Ma Rridx Immur

Council Malta. Ma Rridx Immur is written by Leanne Ellul. Featuring Ruth Borg, Ryan Cutajar, Marta Vella and Josette Ciappara. Directed by Jimmy Grima.

Rytmii Vitae

A performance installation (Malta Fine Arts Museum, 2011) based on the work and social context of artist Antonio Sciortino.

Old Salt

An open-air theatrical work set and performed in Malta’s Grand Harbour, based on historical events and figures in the 18th and 19th century.

White Sea

White Sea explores the various male/female relations between an often absent Sea Captain and those women left in his wake.

-hEx: inverting geometry

Science in the City festival commission (2012): an interactive video and performance installation exploring auxetic properties and aesthetics.

Lore of the Sea

Malta Maritime Museum. 9-10-11 September 2011. Duration: durational piece ‘Lore of the Sea’ is a stylised abstract theatre-cum-mime performance created in collaboration with Heritage Malta at the Maritime Museum. A project merging art, history, and site together to create novel new experiences with each.  Lore of the Sea is a