Rytmii Vitae is a performance installation with four performers that is based on the work and social context of artist Antonio Sciortino. Whilst the artist was contemplating beauty, fascism was on the rise, with Mussolini marching into Messina in 1925 and Hitler giving radical speeches. 

Each performer recreated a stylized stereotype: a lady in 30’s style dress speaking Russian, a man in 30’s style dress speaking German, a dancer dressed in man’s clothes echoing Marlene Dietrich, and an absurd out of context character dressed up in vibrant colours. Each of them performed to their audiences while attached to an elevated balloon. The balloon contains pent up emotions; when the balloon bursts, war, destruction and fear break out.

National Museum of Fine Arts, Valletta 
Duration: 10 min 

Sandro Debono

Tony Cassar Darien

Rebecca Camilleri 
Dominic Dimech 
Ira Melkonyan 
Arndt Kremer 

Jimmy Grima