Following the March equinox and marking the advent of spring, a sound-art project comes to life introducing cutting-edge technology that links history with modern-day. The project is a collaboration between Lyon’s French sound designer and composer Vincent Villuis aka Aes Dana and Maltese sound artist Mario Sammut aka Cygna. Heritage Malta hosts Oracle, Malta’s silent 90-minute performance in the ancient Ħaġar Qim Megalithic Temples, a site of World Heritage value. In Oracle, the artists come together shaping their ideas and compositions that are inspired by this prehistoric site, creating a rare opportunity not only for global music lovers but also for the Maltese community with their strong connection to this cultural site.

photo Daniel Borg

23 March 2012. Duration: 90-minute silent electronic music concert

A collaboration between Cygna and Aes Dana  

Stage design  
Matthew Pandolfino 

Light design 
Jimmy Grima 

Mark Casha 

Poster artwork 

Light Technician 
Ismael Bugeja 

Ada Wendy Moira, Andre Callus, Andrew Schembri, Anne Marie Spiteri, Francesca Arcuri, Isaac Azzopardi, Michael Spiteri, Xavier Aloisio, Justin Brincat, Katarzyna Peukert 

Nicole Blackman 

Pr and Marketing 
Marie Louise Vella  
the rubberbodies collective    

Katya Stroud 

Nick Morales, Annabelle Galea, Simon Sultana Harkins, Matthew Micallef, Martina Buhagiar, Anthony Askew, Sasha Melkonyan, Sean Decelis, Darrin Zammit Lupi, Russell Sammut, Sandro Debono, Sue Pisani, Joe Debono 

Hosted by  
Heritage Malta 

Supported by 
Studio Seven 
Farsons Direct 
Ultimae Records