??‍? RUTH BORG ??‍?


photo by Kris Micallef

1.     Where are you now?

Awake in my room at 2:17am in Amsterdam East. I fly to Malta tomorrow. 

2.     What is your current art practice?

I am now in the 3rd year mime where my practice is a shape-shifting one between maker and performer. I move between the two while researching movement around themes of vulnerability, touch and sexuality. I also sing and write a lot but these practices always seem to stay on the back burner. 

3.     What is the rubberbodies collective for you?

The rubberbodies for me was my first opening to a more experimental theatre back home in Malta. I found it exciting and challenging to work with them. Now they are collaborators, parents in Amsterdam and definitely mentors. 

4.     What is lined up in the near future

Performing my own work in Malta next weekend and then performing with the Belgian theatre company BOG

5.     Anything else you want to share/tell/show/preach/inspire (can be smart or mundane; the last link you watched – article- book- inspiration – horoscope – love message)


Much love X
Ruth Borg.Amsterdam., February 2020

Collaborator and part of 

The New Educators: Art, Dance and Imagination

The implementation of creative theatre and art workshops for students of  4 Learning Support Centres in Malta. During these workshops, held at the school’s premises, improvisation, devising and games were the working methods adopted to […]

Ma Rridx Immur

Ma Rridx Immur is written by Leanne Ellul. Featuring Ruth Borg, Ryan Cutajar, Marta Vella and Josette Ciappara. Directed by Jimmy Grima.

Theatre Fiction Machine

An interactive tour for students to experience different elements of theatre.

Xatt is-Sajjieda, Marsaxlokk

On the 29th of October, The Windrose Project will be inaugurated the installation of a large-scale weather-vane in Marsaxlokk. This took place at Xatt is-Sajjieda, next to the tourist information office. In collaboration with the Marsaxlokk Local Council, we created the inauguration event.

Upstairs Geology VI

An installation on Angels and Liquids, how these two universes collide, and our attempt to control the mess they make when put together.

Nassaba: Song of a Bird

In Nassaba: Song of A Bird, Jimmy Grima follows his father with a camera to the fields on the Maltese rocky coasts, where until recently he went to catch migratory birds.

Blurry Memories, Corridor Conversations and Boxed Obsolete Media: A Research Space

The research space gathers notes, gossip and archival document gravitating around the history of experimental theatre in Amsterdam.