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INTERVIEW 3 – MARCH 2020 dear Ira, I am sorry for not sending you any answer yet, I got out of time these days.I just remembered the interview so here are my answers:)How are you doing these crazy days? I am sending you lots of love from Lisbon.Kisses,Zsófi 1 Where are

Upstairs Geology 50/50

Winner of the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize 2019- August 2019, Zürcher Theatrespektakel, Switzerland
Theatre Performance, 40min in the evening & Ongoing Installation in the daylight

Upstairs Geology VII

My reclaimed word for the 21st century is Liquid- specifically starting from thinking about my own life and attitude to fixity.

Upstairs Geology VI

An installation on Angels and Liquids, how these two universes collide, and our attempt to control the mess they make when put together.

Upstairs Geology II

During the week leading to the 7th October 2017, we adapted Upstairs Geology-I to an unconverted construction site in Strait Street, Valletta, Malta.

Upstairs Geology I

Upstairs Geology I, Performance Installation, 20 min. June 2017, Amsterdam, the Netherlands,