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Interview 1 - January 2020

Hello Ira, Here are the answers and a picture. Let me know if you want longer answers/more info, etc. 

  2. Where are you now?

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico


  1.  What is your current art practice?

I am mostly working on a tree-to-bar chocolate project, which means that from the ingredients of the Mexican jungle, we make chocolate bars. It is very beautiful because it connects the environment, chocolate making and the community. (here is Alkymia’s page- I.M.) I also practice yoga which keeps my body happy and alive. 


  1.  What is the rubberbodies collective for you?

The rubberbodies collective is an evolving family. It is a group of artists scattered all over the planet who at different moments come together to make, erase, rewrite, search, lose and dream.


  1.  What is lined up in the near future?

I am currently in the process of working on a solo piece in parallel with two other artists here in Mexico who are also making individual pieces. We often feel stranded in our creative processes and sharing it, creates questions and looking for answers, nourishes it .


  1.  Anything else you want to share/tell/show/preach (smart or mundane; the last link you watched – article- book – horoscope – love message)


Here is a quote from an Argentinian singer/songwriter Atahualpa Yupanqui:Lo que dentra a la cabeza – De la cabeza se vaLo que dentra al corazón – Se queda y no se va más.(What enters the head, leaves from the head what enters the heart stays and doesn’t leave anymore.)

Collaborator and part of

Grace | Rofflu

The performance, Grace and Rofflu, supposes a seemingly typical relationship between two Mediterraneans that flies from the epitome of love to the nightmare of domestic abuse.

Lore of the Sea

Malta Maritime Museum. 9-10-11 September 2011. Duration: durational piece ‘Lore of the Sea’ is a stylised abstract theatre-cum-mime performance created in collaboration with Heritage Malta

The Liquid Shark Tooth

A 3-minute video installation featured as part of Birgufest in 2011, exploring a superstition about shark tooth fossils held by Maltese sailors.


A 5-minute video and movement installation commissioned by Malta Design Week 2011, exploring geometrical forms of the Golden Ratio.

-hEx: inverting geometry

Science in the City festival commission (2012): an interactive video and performance installation exploring auxetic properties and aesthetics.

Penelope: Dust In Our Awakened Dreams

A solo piece, a self-portrait, and a collaborative dance performance that is the story of a female figure exiting a world that lies between tragedy and fairytale.

White Sea

White Sea explores the various male/female relations between an often absent Sea Captain and those women left in his wake.

Mrs. Stork & the Mysterious Egg

A piece developed for ŻiguŻajg Arts Festival for Children & Young People, inviting human beings to leave behind the world of grown-ups and come on an adventure to a totally different world.

Old Salt

An open-air theatrical work set and performed in Malta’s Grand Harbour, based on historical events and figures in the 18th and 19th century.

Rytmii Vitae

A performance installation (Malta Fine Arts Museum, 2011) based on the work and social context of artist Antonio Sciortino.


A dance project on film (2011) that reflects on the Maltese pastime of sitting inside vehicles at various locations around the island.


Year 2013 short film
duration: 10 minutes


A performance installation to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Malta’s national poet Dun Karm Psaila.

Upstairs Geology VII

My reclaimed word for the 21st century is Liquid- specifically starting from thinking about my own life and attitude to fixity.